Bacon Road Medical Centre

Surgery reduces stress for patients and staff

Bacon Road Medical Centre is fairly typical suburban surgery located close to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. It is a general practice partnership employing Nurses and Health Care Assistants, where the nurses provide general care and specialise in chronic disease management. The surgery premises consist of eight consulting rooms and was purpose built in the 1990s and is very busy.

Patient care is of paramount importance and yet the first point of contact was predominately over the telephone and their system was not coping well.

The Problem

The practice was using analogue telephone lines and out of date cabling which provided an unstable platform, making it very difficult to manage calls during peak times. Patients would often get frustrated when hearing an engaged tone which meant they would have to constantly redial as there was no option to leave a voicemail message. Callers could not easily be identified meaning that it was difficult to verify patients and call them back.

The system wouldn’t allow calls to be transferred outside of standard practice hours, which was not great for patient experience and created unnecessary stress for both patients and the staff. Additionally there was no functionality available to track the number of calls or understand the practice’s busiest periods.

Ultimately there wasn’t the capacity to cope with peak calls and there was no way of understanding the number of abandoned calls as a direct result of the old telephony equipment.

Their system needed updating and from a security perspective, secure UK based data centre storage was crucial to them.

The Solution

Eastern Voice and Data designed and installed a new system, using the latest digital technology and liaised with the Surgery’s IT support to ensure there was no NHS Information Government breach.

They provided a solution that offered more features but wouldn’t threaten their Strict Security Polices, and all within a specific budget and with the minimum of disruption so there was no interruption of service.

Callers are now held in a queue, the surgery can monitor call numbers, and everything just works, leaving the surgery to get on with what it does best.

One Happy Client

Patients no longer get the engaged tone so they know their call will be picked up, this creates less stress for our patients and staff. It has been great to hear the positive feedback especially around the call quality which made a huge difference to many of our patients. We now have visibility of the medical centres busiest periods and can arrange extra staff to cover the phones, so we are able to proactively manage our calls

Gina Titman, Practice Manager, Bacon Road Medical Centre