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WiFi For Business

Wifi is a basic business commodity, but it can do so much more than just provide data connectivity. It can be used to carry voice traffic around sites, it can be used to encourage visitors to view sales information or to ‘like’ your organisation.

We specify the correct solution for your requirements which can include wifi ‘bridges’ to connect remote buildings virtually. External transmitters to cover open areas such as marinas and holiday parks, high density use access points allowing hundreds of connections.

We work with the best of breed manufacturer – Zyxel.

We are able to provide secure wifi solutions controlled via a cloud controller allowing you to be confident that your installation set up is secure and always functioning at the latest firmware level.

Business benefits

  • Increase mobility with seamless site-wide coverage.
  • Increase productivity – enable your staff to work flexibly in the workplace.
  • Voice over IP- use your VoIP Phones with wireless.
  • Guest WiFi network for visitors.
  • Advertise your business products and services to your visitors.

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WLAN APs and Controllers

Wireless LAN has become a favorable choice and proved to be a stable solution for the deployment of mobile connectivity. Zyxel’s stability and innovative structure provides businesses with scalable and feature-rich Wireless LAN solutions.

Desktop computer with an Ipad and Iphone

Zyxel Access Point image2nd Generation AC Wireless with true flexibility

2nd Gen Beamforming technology allows the NWA5123-AC HD Access Point to deliver excellent coverage and connection speed.

Additionally the NWA5123-AC HD supports NebulaFlexTM Pro which includes three years of Professional pack and triple mode functionality (standalone, hardware controller and Nebula).

Get superb WiFi coverage where you need it

Whatever size business we can design and install a Zyxel system with maximum wireless performance and coverage. Zyxel APs delivers wired-like WiFi performance no matter where you are in your business environment.

Powerful Tri-Band technology delivers the ultimate WiFi experience

Experience no degradation in speed and reliability with its dedicated wireless backhaul for creating a large wireless network coverage in your business environment.

A Recent Installation

Due to the excellent reputation Eastern Voice and Data has in the provision of Business grade WiFi a large Academy trust requested a system that could :

• Deliver complete coverage to a large High School Campus
• Offer pupils and staff cutting-edge connectivity that
surpasses the network services of competitors
• Provide the ability to add new features and expand infrastructure when necessary.

We were able to deliver a system capable of :

• Fast, efficient deployment thanks to intuitively designed installation utilities
• A potent, highly sensitive wireless signal that can easily handle
sprawling, interference-prone complex
• Network activity and devices that can be managed from a single interface.

The result :

The Zyxel Wireless Solution has completely renewed the
network infrastructure. With the help of Zyxel’s partner,
Eastern Voice and Data Ltd, it has quickly given the resources to
provide users with truly high-speed WiFi. In addition
to improved user satisfaction, we have also seen great
progress with our overall network performance.

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