Three centre medical practice upgrades for the 21st Century

East Norfolk Medical Practice operates from three locations around Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, with over 100 telephone users supporting over 26,000 patients across the group. As ever, the first point of contact for most patients was by telephone.

The Problem

The practice needed to update their outdated legacy telephony solution, as they had different equipment at the various locations and there was an issue of communication between the sites. The growth of the practice had also placed a strain on both patients and staff, especially during busy periods when callers received an engaged signal all too often.

The Solution

Eastern proposed a wholly cloud based solution allowing all of the functionality to be the same across all of the sites. This meant that staff could ‘hotdesk’ and work wherever demand took them.

Eastern provided cloud call queuing that allowed callers to be answered in sequence. This took the lottery out of patients having to redial in order to try and get through, as they were told precisely where they were in the queue and their expected answer time. This reduced stress for both patients and staff.

The new system enabled managers to monitor call rates and during periods of high demand, more staff could be diverted to answer calls, across all of the sites, thereby enhancing the patient experience.

Call recording was provided as a cloud based service as part of the package.

By moving the telephony to a fully cloud based solution this provided the practice with a single platform that effectively managed itself. A huge legacy of old telephony services accumulated over many years was swept away resulting in a streamlined and efficient service fit for 21st century healthcare.

One Happy Client

“I would wholeheartedly recommend Eastern Voice & Data. They provided a great solution to address our issues, undertook a complex installation with minimal disruption and they provide us with reliable and friendly advice and assistance when required”.

Jason Pendle – IT Lead East Norfolk Medical Practice