An IP CCTV system provides benefits that a typical analogue installation cannot match.

Resolution: A standard IP camera offers 2 MP (Mega Pixels) Analogue 0.5MP Some IP cameras have a 10 MP capability.

Power: IP cameras can be powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE) from your existing data network or if replacing a legacy analogue camera a device will provide data and power over the existing Coaxial cable.

Remote access: Real time images can be viewed through a secure password protected firewall using a PC, Tablet (iPad/Android) or Smart Phone ( iPhone/Android). Remote training and support can also be performed.

Wireless: WiFi enabled cameras remove the requirement for expensive cabling.

Digital Video Recorder: Motion detector, face recognition features enable very economical use of the picture storage capacity of DVR’s vastly increasing the mean time between over writing or backup.

The amount of attention we received during a big installation project was second to none, would not hesitate to use Eastern Voice and Data again!
Dave Stoddart – Director , Total Merchandise