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Hosted Telephone

Hosted Telephony

Eastern Voice & Data VoIP Hosted Telephone system

A VoIP Hosted System has a number of immediate benefits that help your business from day one. You will find it incredibly easy to use with simple controls that allow quick configuration and access to the functionality you require. Gone are the days where you have to pay, or even call your provider’s helpdesk to set up your phones.

Money Saving without Outlay – Eastern Voice & Data VoIP systems come with free handsets (subject to contract) for every user, which means you will not need to purchase expensive phones when you upgrade to our system. This allows you to replace your old system and start saving money on calls immediately.

Free Calls – Cut down the cost of your business communications with our free calls service. We provide you with unlimited local, national and lo-call talk time alongside 2000 minutes of calls to mobile phones. You will not only save money, but can also accurately predict the cost of your business telephone bills.

Unlimited Expansion – Our VoIP Hosted phone systems do not require you to wait around for an expensive engineering visit every time you need to add new phone user to your system. Simply order a phone from Eastern Voice & Data and we will supply it to you by courier for the next day. All you have to do is connect it up and it’s ready to make and receive calls.

Automatic Upgrades – Because your phone system is constantly connected to the internet, this means that we can automatically deliver all your necessary software upgrades the moment they are available, complete with new and useful features. You do not pay any additional charge for this service or the improvements it brings, ensuring that your business is always on the cutting edge of technology with the latest functionality.

System Administration – Support is included as part of your ongoing arrangement. If you require your system to be reconfigured you have two choices. Either call our support desk and one of our fully trained engineers can make the changes for you within one hour, or use the password-protected administrator web interface to instantly make those changes yourself.

Eastern Voice & Data replaced an unreliable hosted system which was causing us a multitude of problems on a regular basis. They did a fantastic job on our cabling & the whole process went according to plan. The new system just works, it has completely changed our negative feelings towards hosted systems. We highly recommend their system, company & support staff.

Michael Whitaker - Managing Director, Herbert Woods