Upgrade Your mobile System

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Mobile Technology

We integrate mobile handsets into our voice solutions utilising ‘CONNECT‘, meaning that a mobile is no longer a separate device but is fully integrated into your business telephony set up. An app allows mobiles to function as extensions in data enabled areas. Calls can be carried by WiFi or mobile data allowing staff to move around a site and always remain connected.

We provide mobile solutions that enable you to share networks so you no longer have to experience poor signal areas.

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DECT Technology

High quality cordless phone solutions from Panasonic – the world leaders in DECT technology.
We are able to advise on solutions that enable staff to always be connected when mobile around a site. This is an ideal solution for organisations such as garden centres and care homes. Our DECT solution integrates with most nurse call systems so that alarms can be sent to DECT handsets allowing staff to respond quickly.

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