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We take away the hassle and responsibility from the client and replace it with peace of mind that the project will be delivered on time and within budget.

We have been designing and installing CCTV networks in a range of environments from  schools and small offices to large industrial premises Since 1996.

Our  installation teams are highly qualified, skilled and experienced engineers who are all CRB and ECS accredited. In many cases we can install a CCTV network while day-to-day operations continue, reducing unnecessary disruption to your organisation’s operations.

Our solutions range from a few cameras in a small office environment, through to major project tenders for networked installations in business parks, warehouses and office blocks. Our CCTV installation services are carried out throughout the UK from our base in East Anglia.

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Remote access: Real time images can be viewed through a secure password protected firewall using a PC, Tablet (iPad/Android) or Smart Phone (iPhone/Android). Remote training and support can also be performed.

Wireless: WiFi enabled cameras remove the requirement for expensive cabling.

Digital Video Recorder: Motion detector, face recognition features enable very economical use of the picture storage capacity of DVR’s vastly increasing the mean time between over writing or backup.

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Eastern Voice and Data are suppliers of Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet extensive range of open platform CCTV cameras that incorporate specialist analytics software suitable for small to enterprise solutions.

5 year warranty

An excellent example of Hanwha Techwin’s Wisenet IP video surveillance technology being put to good use in a healthcare environment can be seen within the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation.

Creating a safe environment for patients, staff and visitors is a constant challenge throughout the National Health Service (NHS) and particularly so within mental health facilities. With this in mind, 19 mental health units located throughout the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust have been equipped with IP network based video surveillance systems in order to unobtrusively monitor patient activity.

Hospital Corridor

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I would wholeheartedly recommend  Eastern Voice and Data. They provided a great solution to address our issues, undertook a complex installation with minimal disruption and they provide us with reliable and friendly advice and assistance when required.” Jason Pendle – East Norfolk Medical Practice

We have worked with EVD for a few years and have benefitted greatly from their knowledge and attitude. We were let down by another supplier and EVD did all they could to resolve the issue. We have a number of services with them and have also undertaken big telecoms projects, and they have always provided superb service at all points.” Paul Chase – W L Duffields & Sons.

Great company to work with, they are professional, knowledgeable and reasonable.” Howard Nye – Anglian Country Inns

A first class professional experience from beginning to end, and it doesn’t stop there, the aftercare is just as impressive and helpful.” Luke Platten – Plattens

cctv camera
cctv camera

A Safe Education Environment

Surveillance cameras can protect students and staff from the threat of harassment and violence. The 24/7 monitoring and recording also prevents intruders out of the site’s normal working hours. Hanwha Techwin’s cameras can withstand violent impact whilst still able to record events as they unfold. They offer a suite of features to maintain a secure and peaceful environment.

A Secure Business Environment

A business is always aware of its vulnerability to crime, both from intruders and rogue employees. It is vitally important to be prepared for all eventualities. A well designed CCTV installation can go someway to easing worries. Strategically located cameras can track the movements and activities of employees and intruders alike, with the time and date stamped recordings available to view and save. The CCTV system can be linked to access and alarm systems providing a fully integrated solution.

Healthcare Zero Tolerance Crime Policy

Hospitals are regarded as among the most dangerous places to work, with doctors, nurses and administration staff being verbally abused and physical intimidated on a ‘far too regular’ basis. It is not surprising that most hospitals have introduced a zero tolerance crime policy and are turning to the latest technology to protect staff and provide the police with evidence to prosecute.

The latest generation of Hanwha Techwin Wisenet high definition video surveillance cameras offer an extremely cost effective and powerful tool in the battle to reduce violence and vandalism in hospitals, as well as provide an effective method of monitoring Health & Safety policy compliance.

Case Study

IP CCTV installation in Audley End Miniature Railway using Hanwha-Techwin WISENET

A Wisenet video surveillance system manufactured by Hanwha Techwin is being used to its full potential by the operators of the Audley End Miniature Railway in order to ensure that the 100,000 plus people who visit the Railway every year are able to safely enjoy all its facilities.

Located close to Audley End House in Saffron Walden, Essex, the Miniature Railway, was built in 1964 by the then Lord Braybrooke as a hobby. It has since become a major tourist attraction with train enthusiasts able to enjoy steam and diesel train rides through the beautiful Audley End Estate Woodland designed by Capability Brown, whilst young visitors can venture through a ‘Fairy and Elf’ walk.

IP Network Solution

Originally installed as a replacement for an old analogue CCTV system following a number of security incidents, the new IP network based Wisenet system is now also being used to keep a close eye on the trains moving around the 2.4 kilometer track and visitor car parking areas. In addition, it is also helping with the management of the queues of people waiting to buy tickets and to ensure compliance with Health & Safety regulations.

The video surveillance system, comprising 14 Wisenet cameras and a Network Video Recorder (NVR), has been installed by IT infrastructure specialists, Eastern Voice and Data, who also designed and installed the Miniature Railway’s network and Wi-Fi.

Single Source

“We have previously installed Wisenet cameras for other clients and have been impressed with their robustness and reliability, as well as the quality of the captured images,” said Russell Marriott, Director of Norwich based Eastern Voice and Data. “As a result, we were able to confidently recommend to Audley End Miniature Railway that all cameras should be selected from the Wisenet camera range. We then worked closely with the Hanwha Techwin pre-sales team to select the most appropriate camera model for each location.”


Among the 14 cameras installed are 5 QNO-7030R Bullet and 6 QND-7010R Dome cameras. These are all able to capture 4 megapixel high definition images of objects regardless of the lighting conditions, with the help of built-in IR illumination.

Part of the Wisenet Q camera series, the cameras also feature Defocus, motion and tamper detection, Hallway View and Lens Distortion Correction, whilst support for Power over Ethernet (PoE) has negated the need for Eastern Voice and Data to have to provide separate power supplies and cabling to each camera location.

Images captured from all the cameras are recorded and stored on a 16 channel Wisenet XRN-1610S NVR, which is equipped with a PoE switch.

“Our old CCTV was well passed its ‘use-by’ date and lacked the functionality required to help us maintain a safe environment for our visitors and staff, as well as deter would be intruders and vandals,” said Bob Ottaway, General Manager of the Audley End Miniature Railway. “We are now able to closely monitor all activity throughout the site during opening hours, and with the help of the Wisenet Mobile App, we can also be remotely alerted via smartphones and tablets to any suspicious activity when we are closed.”

Case Study

IP CCTV installation in Food Factory using Hanwha-Techwin WISENET

The requirement to ensure that food companies can demonstrate that food is being produced safely has hit the headlines with a number of scandals. It’s vital that food producers are able to ensure the safety of production for the benefit of employees and also for consumers. Companies that fail to demonstrate safe working risk the possibility of contracts being cancelled.

Eastern Voice & Data were approached to design and install one such CCTV solution into a food production facility.

The challenges that were presented included the requirement to install a system during normal production time and the requirement to run data cables in sub zero temperatures.

Eastern Voice & Data designed a solution to cover the whole production process in high definition images. This had to include cameras installed into the challenging environment of the commercial freezer area but also other factors were vital:

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Also important was the requirement to be able to monitor traffic into the site. This was achieved by the installation of Automatic Number Plate Recognition, the integration into the gate system allowed recognised vehicles to be given automatic entry whilst unrecognised vehicles were denied entry until authorised.

360 degrees ‘Fish Eye’ Lense Camera

Installed were two PNF-9010R ‘Fish-Eye’ cameras that allowed a full view of the freezer from a single camera. The innovative design of the PNF-9010R allows an undistorted 360 degrees of image but also gives the ability to focus in on any particular image. This means that the problem of cameras pointing in the wrong direction was eliminated.

Powerful NVR

The powerful Network Video Recorder was fitted with 16Tb of drives allowing over 30 days of activity to be reviewed.

Remote Access

The system was set up to send alerts to the security monitoring company of any vehicles that approached the security gate. The ANPR camera was fitted with Infrared ensuring that number plates were logged even in the dark. The monitoring company was able to be made aware of any suspicious activity.


A total of 32 cameras were installed over the whole site with zero disruption to normal production.

The issues of running data cables in sub zero temperatures were solved. ANPR technology was deployed to ensure a high level of security and ‘fish eye’ cameras ensured that nothing was missed.

This quality installation provides up to 12 Mega Pixel images in High Definition and is backed by Hanwha-Techwin’s WISENET 5 year Hardware Warranty.

Case Study

IP CCTV installation in The Bowling House Norwich using Hanwha-Techwin WISENET

We were approached at an early stage by the owners of The Bowling House, a new leisure venue located in Norwich City Centre.

The brief was to provide a ‘joined up’ technology service to enable staff to have a single point of contact in the event of them requiring assistance.

An important part of the solution was to ensure that the site was covered by a modern IP CCTV solution to protect staff and clients but to be done is such a way that it was discreet.

Eastern Voice & Data specified Hanwha-Techwin WISENET (formerly Samsung WISENET).

Installed were 2MP Full HD Dome Cameras discreetly installed so that clients didn’t feel ‘spyed’ upon as they enjoyed themselves. The features includes face recognition, motion detection and with the ability to view images up to 50m away.

Also installed was a fully networked 8 channel IP NVR with 4TB of data storage capable of storing images for in excess of 20 days. Network monitor screens enable the staff to be able to view activity in the building at a distance.

High quality imaging, high quality products backed by a manufacturer 5 year hardware warranty.

Eastern Voice & Data supplied the following services at The Bowling House;

  • Hanwha Techwin IP CCTV
  • Gamma Business Grade Fibre Broadband
  • Gamma Horizon Cloud Telephony
  • Excel Data Cabling Infrastructure
  • ZyXel Network Smart Switches
  • IP Professional Music Solution

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