Eastern Voice & Data Provides Connectivity at Pig Shed Motel


The Pigshed Motel

The motel located at Newton by Castle Acre and sharing the site of the George & Dragon is a new idea in motels, book online, obtain your digital access via smartphone, park your car outside the room with no need to book into reception.

Eastern Voice & Data has worked for Pickled Inns for a number of years and was approached by the owner – Phil Parker – to set up a modern wifi installation covering the 10 rooms in two buildings and extending the broadband to cover The George & Dragon. This involved arranging Openreach to provide a completely new Fibre Optic broadband connection into the site and re-registering as a new site. The fibre optic could then be provided from a different cabinet that would have normally served the site.

Structured cabling was provided to cover the motel rooms and to connect the George.

ZyXel high density wireless access points were installed along with ZyXel SBG3300 VDSL router and firewall to provide security. To complete the installation ZyXel GS1900 8 port power over Ethernet smart switches were installed.

Services & Products Provided:

ZyXel GS1900 8 port power over Ethernet smart switches

ZyXel SBG3300 VDSL Router & Firewall

ZyXel NWA1123 Enterprise Class Wifi Access Points

Fibre Optic & Structured Cabling

Managed Broadband Provision

Ongoing Support

Pig Shed Motel