Eastern Voice and Data is East Anglia’s leading installer of Business Telephone Systems.

We have over 25 years of experience in supplying Business telephone systems to all types of businesses and local authority organisations. Consequently Eastern Voice and Data can advise and provide the solution that’s right for you, bespoke to your requirements.
Therefore whether you choose a premises based Business Telephone System or a Cloud Hosted solution we are able to guide you through the options.
Eastern Voice and Data utilises the UK’s largest business network with 1000’s of km of Fibre Optic cable and with an ‘up’ time of 99.9%.
We can offer expert, independent advice to assist you to select the correct solution for your organisation
Contact us today and we’ll be happy provide expert advice
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Business Telephone systems integrates with your local area network enabling mobiles and SIP phones to become an extension instrument anywhere in the world.

WiFi can allow staff to be mobile around a premises whilst on a voice call and all in a secure environment.

Cloud Call QueuingCloud call queuing can manage even the busiest contact centre.

IT Integration means your PC can be used to provide ‘screen popping’ of customer details, allowing staff to  work efficiently from home.

A VoIP System has a number of immediate benefits that help your business from day one. You will find it incredibly easy to use with simple controls that allow quick configuration and access to the functionality you require. Gone are the days where you have to pay, or even call your provider’s helpdesk to set up your phones.

Money Saving without Outlay – Eastern Voice & Data Hosted systems come with free handsets (subject to contract) for every user, which means you will not need to purchase expensive phones when you upgrade to our system. This allows you to replace your old system and start saving money immediately.

Have you been spending a small fortune on a monthly basis for a phone system that lacked the functionalities necessary to communicate effectively with your customers. A VoIP solution will save you money, add functionality and open up new ways to communicate with your customers.

A  flexible VoIP solution gives your organization a big advantage on your competition. Employees now have the ability to carry out location independent work, boosting productivity and increasing the possibilities when it comes to the growth of the company.

“The new system implemented by Eastern Voice and Data has dispelled all our previous hang ups about telephony and new technologies. With our dedicated internet line we have had a consistent and reliable service and the call quality we have experienced has been great.”

David Stoddart – MD  Total Merchandise.

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Case Study…..

The Theatre Royal Norwich

High Call Volume Business: The Theatre Royal Norwich is East Anglia’s premier theatre, selling around 370,000 tickets annually. Plus it operates a restaurant, function rooms, educational courses and the full range of services you would expect. There are up to 16 operatives to handle the large volume of calls that are received.

The Problem: The theatre needed to upgrade it’s phone system to allow them to see how many calls were in the queue at any one time, full reporting data such as time spent waiting in the queue, plus allow the different operations within the theatre to operate independently of each other – and of course they needed 24/7 support!

The Solution: Eastern Voice & Data helped design and install a bespoke package that would deliver exactly what they needed, including a flash alert system to warn staff when predicted call queue lengths were being exceeded.

The system offers a host of advanced features – individual extensions can set their own custom menu options for callers to follow; callers can leave a message or have their call forwarded to another extension or even an outside line such as their cell phone. The system can support up to three different languages, enabling callers to choose the language of their preference when they call in. This system integrates with a range of business telephone systems and has certainly become an asset to the Norwich Theatre Royal in offering an effective customer service operation.

Although the development of the system was a gradual process as it was an entirely bespoke solution, the whole installation was undertaken during a single day with minimal disruption to the theatre’s operation.

Pre training also ensured that staff could ‘hit the ground running’ as soon as the system went live, minimising the disruption of the transition period even further.

 One Happy Client

“We would like to thank Eastern Voice & Data for supplying the Panasonic equipment which forms the basis of our new telephone system and enabling such a seamless transfer from our old to our new configuration. The system was built and programmed in advance and switched over early one morning in time for the Box Office to open as usual. Every telephone in even the remotest parts of the building was replaced and we were complete on time and within budget.”

Jane Claridge, General Manager, Theatre Royal Norwich

Case Study…..

King Edward VI Grammar School

Upgrade and refurbishment of old and new buildings on one site: King Edward VI Grammar School in Chelmsford is one of the UK’s leading state schools with a history going back to 1551.

The Problem: An extensive building programme led to a requirement for more phones, and the existing legacy analogue infrastructure was ageing, working to capacity already with limited functions, such as no voicemail facility.

The existing cabling was unreliable and did not extend to the new building, meaning any new phones would require extensive work to replace and extend it.

The Solution: The cost effective solution was to migrate all phones over to a Voice over IP (VOIP) infrastructure, which meant the installation was seamless, able to use the existing cabling and being VOIP, the new phones could be plugged into any PC so there was no need to install extra cabling or networks.

This meant disruption was kept to an absolute minimum.

The school has all the phones they need, with up to date functionality enabling staff members to listen to their voicemails wherever they are and a fully scalable future proof solution.

The contract was fulfilled very cost effectively, hassle free and left the school’s IT department to concentrate on other areas.

One Happy Client

“When we looked at the options available, it was evident that the solution…did everything we wanted – better. Plus it was so user friendly. The interaction with Exchange was a big plus and the ability to deliver voicemail by email really clever. And whilst we haven’t had any major issues with the system, the high level of support we get from the Eastern team makes life much easier for the IT staff”

Craig Wright, Network Manager, King Edward VI Grammar School

Case Study…..

Eaton Hall Specialist Academy

During October 2018 half term we were asked to complete an emergency installation for Eaton Hall

Specialist Academy. Eaton Hall is part of the Right for Success Academy Group for whom we have undertaken projects for Sewell Park Academy, Sprowston Academy, Tuckswood Academy, Martham Academy, Stalham Academy and St Clements Free School.

Eaton Hall is the only Norfolk specialist academy catering for students with social, emotional and mental health difficulties. The school is residential and operates with a 24 hour curriculum.

The school’s cabling infrastructure was in serious need of replacement and due to various security issues the academy felt that they had to act. Eastern Voice & Data had anticipated that the project would be completed during a longer holiday break and had estimated that 3 weeks would be required to fully complete the project. The amount of work required was further complicated by the need to replace the main security gate that had been damaged in a collision with a truck. This involved groundwork to lay an armoured fibre optic cable so that a video access system could be installed. The existing telephone system was no longer fit for purpose and a school wide DECT system was specified allowing staff to be able to call for assistance.

Eastern Voice & Data specified an updated network solution utilising ZyXel Gigabit switches. This was allied to a Panasonic NS700 IP-PBX that provided full cordless coverage over the whole site by virtue of networked Panasonic IP DECT Base stations and KXTCA185 DECT Handsets. SIP trunks provided a managed fibre optic voice connection to complete the telephony set up.

The door entry solution was provided by 2N, consisting of a vandal resistant IP Force video intercom networked to the school reception via a secure fibre optic connection allowing school staff to view visitors and converse with them. The wifi control panel also provided a video memory log of all callers to the site.

The students left for half term on the 18th of October and 6 engineers immediately began to strip out the existing network and telephone system. Groundworks for the installation of the new security gate and fibre optic connection started on the 22nd October. By the 26th October the cabling infrastructure had been replaced, a total of 12 DECT base stations newly installed providing full site coverage, new ZyXel network switches had also been installed. By 29th October the new security gate installation was complete and the fibre optic connected.

An installation that effectively completely replace the entire IT network, telephone system and secure door entry was complete in 8 days from project start to completion.

“We are a multi-academy Trust in Norfolk with 8 schools within our portfolio. We started to work with Eastern Voice and Data 2 years ago and they are great to work with. They are very professional and knowledgeable. They are also very competitive in terms of pricing. Would definitely recommend to anyone.”

Jonathan Lumb, Academy Trust Norfolk

“After struggling with telephone issues, broadband faults and till & PDQ machines constantly failing.

Eastern Voice & Data came in to survey our site. We were so impressed with the professionalism of the company that we snapped them up!

We had new lines into the site with a dedicated telephone system and data network which has been fantastic. The team who did the installation couldn’t be more helpful and the customer service is exemplary.

Since the system has been installed we have had no failures and our new telephone system has taken us to the next level of customer satisfaction!

I coudn’t thank the company enough and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anybody.

Thank you!”

Nick Emberson.

Audley End Miniature Railway

“We have worked with Eastern Voice and Data for a few years and have benefitted greatly from their knowledge and attitude.

We were let down by another supplier and Eastern Voice and data did all they could to resolve the issue.

We have a number of services with them and have also undertaken big telecoms projects and they have always provided superb service at all points.”

Paul Chase

WL Duffields & Sons